Guitar Chair Project


In the first picture, are the pieces for a new guitar chair ready for final processing prior to assembly.  The wood species here chosen for the commissioning client is Sepele for its natural darkness.  The design has been improved over the prototype both aesthetically and functionally.  It retains the main features of the prototype.

February 11, 2013

In the second picture, the seat has been shaped and the backrest and leg cross braces have been shaped.  Now I just need some gluing dowels to continue.

February 12, 2013

The glue up of the back has taken place and is shown in the third photo.  Need to allow to dry overnight and tomorrow will be for working on the legs.  All the loose pieces are tucked inside to reduce clutter on the workbench.

February 16

The last couple of days with Valentines and all, not much spare time.  I did manage to glue up the back and now it is dry ready for final sanding.  I am working on the legs today.  I think the chair will be done today.  Now it will be a matter of getting the upholstered cover done.  I will get supplies for it later this afternoon and see my friend Bernice tomorrow.

The third photo below shows what the chair would look like assembled
with legs stained and the rest still unstained.  Only gravity and friction holding things together for right now.

February 17

The 4th photo, shows everything stained.  Now it is time to clean up any residual glue lines before rubbing in the finish.  I visited the upholsterer after having procured all the materials for the removable cover.

February 20

The chair has two coats of Danish oil and waiting for a third (5th photo).

February 22

Upholstered cover is finished and shipping to the commissioning client.

February 28

The guitar chair finally reached its destination (last picture)

Guitar chair with new owner
Guitar chair with new owner

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