Maloof Design Rocking Chairs


The one on the right is the chair I purchased from Harold Dodson as an anniversary present for my wife.  The one on the right is also an original Dodson design named by Harold as “Divine Intervention”.  The one on the left is the one Harold and I built together with him as instructor and me being the student.  It was given to my wife as a birthday present.  This design is Harold’s version of a Sam Maloof Design Rocking Chair.  The joinery is identical to what Sam Maloof has inspired many woodworkers to do.  The back slats shape is borne out many trials made by Harold as to what provides comfort and support for the lumbar area of the back.  The seat is coopered in a similar fashion Sam Maloof coopers his seats.

Here is the chair I recently completed for Mike B near Charleston SC


Here is another chair I recently finished for Juan G, a doctor in New York and an old friend


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