Monthly Archives: April 2014

More Wood for Chair Making

Well, I just got home from a 140 mile round trip to Honeapath.  Roger Green, the dad of one of the ushers  at church owns a saw mill.  He used the saw mill to build his house.  He has a few walnut trees that he cut down.



The boards all totaled up to 148 board feet of the heart of the walnut tree.    There it is all neatly stacked on the bed of my truck.  These are really beautiful boards with a lot of figuring and outstanding grain.  Moisture content ranged from about 12-14% for the smaller boards and about 22% for the large ones.  The smaller boards will likely require a few months before I can use it.

Rocker Glue Up

On 4/26/14 Ser#2 was started.  The process begins with the glue up of the rockers.  I will glue up the other part of the pair after letting this one cure for 12 hours.