Monthly Archives: April 2013

Wagon Vise Retrofit

Ever since finishing the Roubo workench in January, I had wanted to add a wagon vise to make the row of dog holes much more utilitarian.  I had to decide whether to make or buy. If I were to buy, I had to decide on hardware.  Benchcrafted sells a tail vise screw kit.  See  The other choice is a wood screw by Lake Erie Tools   I decided to go with the latter because of the way it looks and bought the hardware a month ago.  All it is really is a screw and a nut  and some hardware to bolt on to the movable dog.

Step 1 is building the end cap.  Step 2 and is the critical step  is in hogging out all the material.  For this step, a router with a spiral upcut it is chosen.  The first cut is along the back edge establishing the spline by removing the 1.5 inches of material from both sides (first with the bench right side up and then upside down).  Step 3 is in hogging out the channel for the movable dog.  This requires a jig – first photo.  The end result is the second photo. Step 4 is in making the dog block assembly.  Runners are made from a UHMW block inserted into a dado in the dog block.  The runner is trapped by a maple runner screwed into the underside of the channel.  Once that is completed, the last step is to bolt the end cap using 6 inch SPAX lag bolts.  No glue is used.  I am very pleased with how the vise works.  It is quick, smooth and positive.  Kudos to the folks at Lake Erie Toolworks