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The Joy of Creating

God must have built into us the uncanny ability to feel joy while engaged in the process of creating a craft or music or anything that harnesses the creative mind.  I woke up early today, feeling rather refreshed and looked at the clock.  It is four o’clock in the morning.  Picked up the an old classical guitar (really old from 30 years ago vintage 1984 or so – an old Fender) and started playing to see what my muscle memory remembers.  I started playing one of Segovia’s etudes, in fact the first one from his “20 studies” written by Fernando Sor.  Slowly the muscles are starting to remember the sequence.  Then I moved on to a tune called “La Romanza” – unfortunately I only know the first half.  Then I moved on to a Jim Croce tune – “Time in a Bottle” – just the accompaniment – humming the tune in my head.  Then I moved on to Paul Simon’s tune – “The Boxer”.  This time I am humming the tune.  Then it was George Harrison’s tune “Here Comes the Sun” fingerstyle solo.  I played none of them perfectly, but nonetheless, there was joy with each repetition of getting the licks better and better.  Although, the guitar did not sound as full and mellow as the Ramirez that I have, it still sounded good enough.  Note to self – need to get the Ramirez re-strung and get that sweet sound again.  Woe is me for not taking care of the Ramirez.

I then went upstairs and went into the workshop, took a picture of Vivian’s chair that I am in the process of building, and thought to myself ……aaahhh – the “joy of creating”, need to tell her – “it is coming about slowly but it is coming about”  ….. till next time

Spending Time With Rob Cosman

Rob Cosman, woodworking icon, visited the upstate of South Carolina and here he is at Greenville Woodcraft.  Rob showed us how to sharpen plane irons and chisels to achieve the best possible performance.  In the other picture – Rob is drawing out shavings so fine you can see through them – leaving a mirror finish on the workpiece.  The grey haired guy in the foreground is me.  Rob is the guy with the apron on.

Photo Feb 02, 4 52 40 PM

Shavings So Thin You Can See Through
Shavings So Thin You Can See Through


Hello World

My name is Ariel Jacala, and I am a woodworker based in the upstate of South Carolina.  Welcome to my site.  This site is devoted to the craft of woodworking and in showing the world my design of custom guitar chairs and footstools for playing classical guitar.