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Chair for Andrew and Amanda


Andrew is a young pastor at a Presbyterian church in Travelers Rest with his beautiful bride Amanda.  I feel so blessed and privileged for the work of my hands be a part of their lives.   He is quite the handsome young man as his wife is so beautiful.  Best wishes on the new baby on the way.

Progress on Project Solo Flight

Here is a picture of the Pennsylvania bound chair named Solo Flight.  It is kind of rough at this point with the bulk of the shaping still to follow.  Only the legs have been glued on.  The arms still have to be cut on the band saw.  This is a rough visual of what the finished chair might look like.  The rocker is laminated with walnut.  The material is ambrosia maple.


SCRaGGs Project

  • Have you ever wanted to have a radio system that will stay on in the event of a power outage? And can operate for long periods on standby or emergency power?
  • Have you ever wanted a radio system that seamlessly transfers power from commercial mains to backup power?
  • Have you ever wanted a radio system where you have the means to recharge the backup system using either generator or photovoltaic  system?
  • Have you ever wanted to have a radio that you can deploy for field day or an ARES deployment without needing to assemble all the needed gear?
  • Have you ever wanted a radio system that can provide total RFI shielding  in the event of EMP burst or very strong RF fields?

If the answer to all of the above is “YES” then welcome the SCRaGGs concept (Self Contained Radio Grab and Go System) where backup power, power switching, charging system, power distribution, antenna tuner, transmitter and receiver are all contained in a durable & portable case.


The photo on the left shows the system with everything stowed and ready for transport.  The photo on the right shows the system in the ready to operate position.


The back of the unit now shows to HF bulkhead SO239 connectors and an opening for the power supply AC cord.   The power supply is a Gamma Research HPS-1A which weighs only 1.5 lb and is only slightly bigger than a cigarette pack.  The Low Loss Powergate by KI0BK (a device is used to seamlessly transfer power from commercial mains to back-up or battery power without interrupting the transmission.  The solar charge controller (also by KI0BK) takes care of any external charging of the battery using ephotovoltaic cells.  All of the above items are all contained within the unit.  The ultimate in integration is achieved by using the KXPA100 amplifier shown in the photo below.  The RF shielding is provided by an aluminum foil wrapper behind a thin liner that is tacked on within the enclosure.


The KX3 is a miser in terms of power consumption with only 150 milliwatts on receive.  It can run up to 20 hours on a single 14A-h battery at 10% duty cycle with TX set at 5W (QRP) power.  With a large enough photovoltaic system to recharge the battery, the system can run almost indefinitely.  Note that the “PX3” is nothing more than a block of wood. The PX3 is companion panadapter to the KX3 soon to be shipped (middle to late June) and so I reserved some real estate for it.  As can be seen from the photo below that the system is adaptable to a multitude of rigs – in this case was a K2/100 paired up with an LDG Z11 Pro autotuner.


More Wood for Chair Making

Well, I just got home from a 140 mile round trip to Honeapath.  Roger Green, the dad of one of the ushers  at church owns a saw mill.  He used the saw mill to build his house.  He has a few walnut trees that he cut down.



The boards all totaled up to 148 board feet of the heart of the walnut tree.    There it is all neatly stacked on the bed of my truck.  These are really beautiful boards with a lot of figuring and outstanding grain.  Moisture content ranged from about 12-14% for the smaller boards and about 22% for the large ones.  The smaller boards will likely require a few months before I can use it.

Rocker Glue Up

On 4/26/14 Ser#2 was started.  The process begins with the glue up of the rockers.  I will glue up the other part of the pair after letting this one cure for 12 hours.